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First comes fundraising
posted on 21 Sep 2010 by UGA Habitat

During the first officer’s meeting this semester the board addressed many concerns that needed to be sorted out, including each UGA Habitat member’s overwhelming itch to get out to a build site. Since we can only fill a limited number of sites per weekend, members tend to get discouraged. I love going to a build on an early morning as much as the next person, but as a board member I have realized the importance of fundraising. Everything that is done on the build site costs money—and no, the money does not just fall from the sky. In fact, our organization works hard to raise this money by planning numerous fundraisers each semester and by educating the public about Habitat for Humanity. We do all of this so that we are able to go out and build houses for deserving families. Without the funding there wouldn’t be houses. So for all of you that are yearning so much to go out and build, stick with Habitat. Help us to raise more money so that we can sponsor our very own home and send troops out to build!

Each member will soon (if not already) have the heart wrenching experience that we all have out on the build site. When I had the opportunity to meet the future homeowners of a house I was helping with, all of the previous hard work and headaches were outweighed by how grateful and joyous the family was and the satisfaction that I had for being apart of such an amazing organization.

I can’t wait to see everyone this Thursday at Your Pie!

Amelia Kirbo
VP Community Outreach

Looking forward to the semester ahead
posted on 14 Sep 2010 by UGA Habitat

Fall is such an exciting time - everyone is settling in, the weather is great and the idea of a fresh start is rejuvenating. In the midst of all that excitement, I'm looking forward to getting things rolling with Habitat. Fall semester is jam-packed with opportunities to get involved and to take some big strides in helping future Habitat families. While looking back on my years as a UGA Habitat member, I’ve realized that events like the Turkey Trot, freezing cold mornings while on builds sites and fundraising during the Christmas season are some truly fond memories (and some of our biggest opportunities to raise $$$).

Also, being a senior and already tasting a hint of nostalgia while writing this, I’m thinking back to those moments during which I formed great friendships. Sometimes I hated painting that door with you because your brush strokes weren’t as calculated as mine and sometimes we disagreed about what was the best color for a flyer. But when we all stood together, covered in paint and sawdust, and that family thanked us with tears in their eyes, I felt immense gratitude.

Thanks to all my fellow Habitaters, and thank you, Habitat families, for all the beauty you add to the world.

Can’t wait to get this year started,

Margaret Warner

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