Position Details


Executive Board

The Presidents preside at all general, special, and executive board meetings. The Presidents maintain communication with Athens Area Habitat, Habitat for Humanity International, the Athens community, the UGA community, and all UGA Habitat alumni.

VP of Projects

The VP of Projects coordinates all UGA Habitat builds with Athens Area Habitat and coordinates all volunteers for build dates. The VP of Projects also heads the skilled supervisor program.

VP of Community Outreach

The VP of Community Outreach serves as a UGA Habitat liaison to the Athens Area Habitat Executive Board. The VP of Community Outreach also maintains communication with Athens community organizations.

VP of Campus Outreach

The VP of Campus Outreach oversees the UGA Habitat Ambassadors program and educates UGA campus organizations about UGA Habitat for Humanity.

VP of Advocacy and Education

The VP of Advocacy and Education educates the UGA community about sub-standard housing in Athens and around the world, and the roles of UGA Habitat, Athens Area Habitat, and Habitat for Humanity International in regards to the elimination of such sub-standard housing.

VP of Public Relations

The VP of Public Relations oversees all publicity and media relations for UGA Habitat for Humanity.

Administrative Secretary/Membership Coordinator

The Administrative Secretary maintains the UGA Habitat for Humanity general listserv and oversees the creation of the UGA Habitat Hammer & Nails newsletter. The Administrative Secretary also oversees the new member committee at all general meetings.

VP of Finance

The VP of finance maintains the financial records for UGA Habitat for Humanity.

Development Chair

The Development Chair researches and applies to potential grants and oversees special donations from the Athens community for UGA Habitat for Humanity. The Development Officer oversees the creation and distribution of the biannual UGA Habitat newsletter.

Cans For Habitat Recycling Chairs

The Recycling Coordinators oversee all recycling campaigns and fundraisers. The Coordinators establish relationships with UGA and Athens organizations, departments, businesses and agencies to promote and create recycling programs.

Major Fundraising Chair

The Major Fundraising Chair oversees and coordinates the Gfitwrap Across Georgia fundraiser that is held the week before Christmas every year and the Act!Speak!Build! Week fundraiser.

Special Projects Chair

The Special Projects Chair coordinates two big fundraisers, one of them being the Turkey Trot. The Special Projects Chair also serves as an assistant for the Major Fundraising Chair during events and fundraisers.


The Webmaster is responsible for updating and maintaining the UGA Habitat website as well as the UGA Habitat facebook group and Twitter page.

Records' Analyst

The Records' Analyst collects information about events, fundraisers, general meetings, and other UGA Habitat activities. The Records' Analyst also compiles records and takes pictures for all UGA Habitat events.

UGA Habitat Ambassadors

The UGA Habitat Ambassadors program is comprised of first-year through third-year UGA Habitat general members who work under the VP of Campus Outreach. The Executive Board delegates specific tasks to the UGA Habitat Ambassadors. Each ambassador serves for one semester and may re-apply to the program to serve again.