Orientation Fairs
Hey guys,

My name is Brooke Skelley, and I am one of the co-presidents for UGA Habitat. This morning was another morning spent at orientation fairs. You would think I would be better about being on time, but I have walked in at 9:14 so many times, including today! It is a lot of fun meeting the new students, but I can tell that orientation is overwhelming for a lot of them. I think I was one of those freshmen who kind of walked stealthily in the middle of aisles as to avoid signing up for countless listervs and receiving tons of flyers. I think my year it was in one of the lobbies of the SLC. How the times have changed!

There is nothing quite like being a senior on a bus with just a freshman and his/her parent. I love answering questions about bus routes and giving tips like “Use two cups in the dining hall,” and assuring them they can explore ratemyprofessors.com and change their schedules as much as possible once they’re home. I don’t think I would want to relive freshman year again, but it is fun meeting new students.

Talking about all the events we have coming up is a little overwhelming � with Building and Homecoming and Trick or Trot, it seems like there will surely be a lot to do, but I’m excited. I’m making the general schedule now for the semester, and I can’t wait to put it online. Mark your calendars for the first meeting, August 24th in MLC 150 at 7 pm!!
Hey guys! My name is Tracy Phan. I am a freshman, and I am the new Major Fundrasing Chair. Basically, my job is to run Gift Wrap Across Georgia for Habitat for Humanity. This is our largest fundrasier. Last year, volunteers raised $11,200 in just the week and a half before Christmas! There is so much that can be gained from this just one event, and after raising this money, it goes to co-sponsoring another house. That, I feel, is the best thing about Habitat. Unlike the other service clubs out there, you don't just raise money, but you take an active part in raising it, AND you can see where it goes; there are so many people that do not have a warm bed to sleep and a safe roof to shelter them. We may complain about our dorm situations, but let's face it... There are lots of people with much worse housing situations, but we can do something about it!

Whether it is taking part in a build, wrapping for a couple of hours, or coming out to our percentage nights, I encourage everyone to get involved. There are many upcoming events and opportunites to do so. Check the calendar and save the dates!
Campus Outreach and Ambassadors
The position of Campus Outreach within the Habitat Chapter of the University of Georgia becomes the voice of the active student body of both Habitat members at UGA and the University itself. CO is in charge of being liaison between the student body and the rest of the Board of Directors. CO does this by interviewing active members to be selected as Ambassadors: more personal liaisons between the Board and active members that also act as natural leaders within Habitat and the University in general. CO is in charge of these ambassadors and uses them to help establish and lead the active body. CO is responsible for getting the organizations at UGA to participate with Habitat in various activities. These organizations range from large scale operations with the Greek Community to smaller, but just as important events with smaller clubs. CO is the liaison between Habitat and Volunteer UGA.

Ray Barrett


Laura Collins
Marissa Commissiong
Mary Rose Darr
Ashley Etchinson
Aja Griffin
Jayda Hazell
Katie Hemphill
Marianne Ligon
Gracie Milford
Charles Pham
Jessica Spruill
Jade Thomas
Stephanie Villarreal
Brian Williams
Natalie Woodall

--Ray Barrett, VP of Campus Outreach
Let's Get Building!
Building homes is the mission of Habitat for Humanity, and our chapter takes great pride in making sure that everyone who wants to build can build. Currently we are awaiting the groundbreaking of our chapter’s 13th sponsored home. Working to help build homes in Athens Area (Clarke, Oglethorpe, and Oconee counties) is gratifying and a great experience. I have been involved with building homes in Athens ever since I started college. It is incredibly rewarding to work on a house and see it go from cinderblocks to walls to siding to a finished home. Hearing the homeowners’ stories really shows us how hard people work and how much a home that is yours means.

Athens Area welcomes UGA students with open arms, whether it is during the week or on a Saturday build. However, we always need to remember that homes are built with hard work. That includes fundraising, spreading the word about the work Habitat does, and encouraging our friends to become a part of our chapter. Come to a meeting and help get involved with all that UGA Habitat does!

-Brock Perry
Projects Chair 2011